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Thread: Worst bingo derby board ever?

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    Worst bingo derby board ever?

    Every bingo I think we canít get a worse board and every derby we do. Can anyone beat this? Need 9 of each:

    roasted tomato. Train. Mine. Baked potatoes.

    help. Town lady. Fishing. Feed.

    eggs. Lemon curd. Goat milk. Apple juice.

    cow milk. Yogurt smoothie. Hot chocolate. Wool.

    wnt give us more than three production that are on bingo at any given time. 4th is always non bingo. Multiple big trains have zero town lady on them. This has got to be an F of a board. Whoever designed it should be fired on the spot.

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    Ugh, that’s awful! I have the worst board I’ve ever gotten, but what’s bad for a solo player is different than what’s bad for a larger NH, so I can’t compare my board to yours.

    Despite trashing tasks every half hour, there are 5 tasks that haven’t come up yet, and I still haven’t gotten enough for a single bingo line. Here’s my board:

    Boats, bacon, town lady, help

    Feed, town diner, fishing, train

    Tofu dogs, mine, milk, hot dogs

    Town engineer, trucks, town dancer, wool
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    My solo bingo board is: (1 of each)

    Wool, carrots, eggs, Frutti di Mare pizza

    Help, feed, hot dogs, pumpkins

    Town salesman, chili pepper, lettuce, fishing

    Goat cheese toast, town cinema, sushi, town (serve 23)

    I had to do a lot of trashing but I only need a goat cheese toast task in a 320 value, I have one up at 286. I have 2 bingos: help to pumpkins and carrots to cinema. I'm still working on goat cheese toast to frutti pizza. The difficulty was in getting the cheese, goat cheese, tomato sauce and bacon for those production tasks.


    Update: I got the task I needed at 320 points, I have 3 bingos and also completed my 10th task with 490 tasks trashed.
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    9 of each, as I said. Four animal products and two are wool and goat milk. And we can only have four animal products on board at time. And with 25 players people take four wool and goat milk, block eggs and milk, and the wool and goat milk take forever as canít stack. Worse yet, six machine product tasks and can only have four tasks at a time. Very few stack and players who donít keep taking the tasks. 13 apple juice, 17 roasted tomatoes, 30 hot chocolate, 13 smoothies, 25 lemon curd, some ridiculous amount of baked potatoes and put tomatoes and potatoes, same machine, as two of the corner tasks. Any idea how long those take when people donít stack? Enough to want to kick 3/4 the hood out. And finally donít hardly ever even get four machine tasks at once no matter how much trash. Most of the time have had 2 or 3 maximum. We have trashed almost 1500 tasks and no machine has more than five done or in process. Give an awful board and then donít even give opportunity to complete. Udderly ridiculous.

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    Mine was horrible last time too!

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