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Thread: QoL change: Walls and Defenses.

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    QoL change: Walls and Defenses.

    You may have noticed that the UI for Walls and Defenses hasn't changed after seven years now. It may be time to adopt a new UI. I will give a UI of the updated wall and a few new buttons, along with an archer tower with a new UI as well. Please tell me what you think, it took me a pretty long time to think of these. (Of course they will be polished up if they get added.)

    This is the Archer tower UI. The Actions button will open up the UI. The other buttons serve the same purpose as they currently do (there is the normal upgrade button, upgrade with book, gear up (which is grayed out), and upgrade with Hammer of Building.)

    This is the Wall UI. The UI is currently on "Info", where you can see your current wall on the left, versus the next level wall on the right.

    The Upgrade button will not bring you to a UI, instead it will upgrade instantly. (This button will be grayed out if you cannot afford the upgrade, like the gear up button before you have a high enough level defense to gear up.) The Multi Upgrade button will be a better version of Upgrade Row, where you can select which walls you want to upgrade simultaneously. (you cannot select a wall if you cannot afford it.) The last button is the wall ring upgrade button. It does the same as it's current function.

    Once again, please let me know what you think.

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    Later I'll add one for the Clan Castle.

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    This thread
    Good job!
    like to see in game

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