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Thread: Animal Boosters needed!!!

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    Animal Boosters needed!!!

    There are some great boosters but we are lacking boosters for animals in particular sheep or goats. In my recent bingo derby i lost mainly due to the time consuming wool task which takes 6 hours to produce and i needed 63 for the task, thats over 24 hours on 1 task and the other teams reached top 3 whilst I'm stuck on the first task! Its worse if your playing on your own or in a team of two. The sheep task is time consuming and shouldn't be included in mystery derby or bingo unless its a relatively small number that is achievable (and doesn't take over 24 hours especially since it cant be speeded up.....)Twice i have lost to the sheep in various derbys........Surely its not just me who thinks that????

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    YES. Goat, sheep, pig.... a booster for these would be wonderful. I think it has been asked for before. So it is very much needed.
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    I would like a pig booster, that would help be restock my bacon after using a lot of it or to stock up for upcoming tasks.

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    Good Idea! I like the thought of having a pig, sheep, or goat booster to reduce the time it takes to get the product that they offer.
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