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Thread: [Recruiting] Vape Gods | Active War Clan | TH9+ LVL 90+ |

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    Exclamation [Recruiting] Vape Gods | Active War Clan | TH9+ LVL 90+ |

    Hey fellow clashers, please read my entire post for clarity

    Vape Gods was created to be strictly a war focused clan. Clan tag #29VL8QUUQ

    Recruiting asap for war!

    We are seeking new strong, non rushed TH9+ members to join and help build a stronger team!

    We are very active, english speaking, always donate, max out games, and most importantly, focused on war!

    Promotions are strictly earned through war performance, and nothing else.

    The clan was created by me and my brother, who both have past clan leader experience and years of war experience! We plan on creating something like a discord to discuss war strategies in the near future, as soon as we build up a stronger team.

    Our goal here is to make a name for ourselves, and lead a strong TH9+ war clan all the way to the level 10 tier and beyond, and to build a great team of fun, creative, war focused individuals.

    Come give us a chance and see the clan for yourself! We are now recruiting and accepting anyone TH9+, LVL 90+ and NON RUSHED who is all about the war aspect of the game. I promise we will create something amazing here and will not perish!

    Request to join and we will accept as long as you meet the requirements of the post

    Clash on!
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