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    Wow this forum so fierce, what would be the downside. Why not I say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tvsever View Post
    Wow this forum so fierce, what would be the downside. Why not I say.
    The down side has been mentioned more than once. Earlier release of the rewards can lead to them being changed. There will always be people who complain about what rewards are coming, you can't please everyone all of the time, if they release them too far in advance then there will be more complaining.

    So yes there is a down side, and the upside is trivial being that already having 14 days notice, 16 days notice will not in 99.99999% of situations make any difference.

    So hence the fierceness, cons outweigh the pro's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    Maybe SC just doesnít know that far in advance yet what the rewards are, maybe someone hasnít put thought in it yet, announcing that far in advance can also cause them to get changed more frequently and when something is changed thereís always a group who will not like the change. Often they also take other events into consideration so we get a bit of a spread of various rewards.

    Do you know what you will be having for diner in 2 weeks and 3 days time ? Heck I donít even know what Iím having tonight.

    Having one or two days in advance extra time (more time then the headsup we usually get) to know what the rewards will be are really insignificant considering you have almost 2 weeks to work with before you actually have to claim the CG rewards.

    Furthermore I donít think in this scenario having a gazillion accounts really needs to be taken into consideration here on whether or not to post them earlier or later. Ok you make a case for ďonlyĒ 4 accounts however itís your choice to play 4 and you feel the pressure to get all free stuff and use it on all those accounts. But even then filling up a tank of DE can easily be done in 2 or so days. So as such between 4 accounts you should have plenty of time to spend so many books in just under 2 weeks time.
    Why don't they know? I thought of that when I posted it. There is ONE valid reason not to know that I can think of. There could be more.

    The one reason is that they determine rewards based on what is happening in the game. They could need to wait to decide for that reason. However, I really don't think that another day or two would matter. Why can't they decide three day ahead of time. They can.

    I really can't see why they wouldn't know three days ahead of time.

    4 accounts is slightly less than the number you mentioned. That has zero bearing on it.

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    Be thankful that we have any of this at all and don't complain. I can remember a time where we had nothing given to us but a few free gems once I. A while. We didn't have clan wars, clan games, monthly individual tasks, CWL, random pop up events, and sort of rewards at all and everything cost much much more to upgrade. Then you had to work hard to build up you base. Now you can stumble into a th12 pretty easily with just a few daily raids and just little participating in games if you clan let's you be a leech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodlyMortal View Post
    Youíre lucky SC even tells us early at all
    This. I get that you might be excited about what the rewards will be but the games are a player bonus. There's limits to what SC can (and should, IMO) tell us in advance. If you aren't able to check in here a day early all of the time just be happy and surprised with the rewards on the actual day of the drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Due to popular request, Clan Games rewards will now be posted 3 days AFTER the start of the Clan Games.

    (just kidding)
    Please, PLEASE don't be kidding. I would LOVE having it 3 days AFTER clan games start. The sneak peek TORTURES me with what I could be working towards already rather than waiting

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    I think SC should just set up 10 or 15 sets of rewards for each tier, as a clan progresses in CG the rewards for each tier are revealed after it is reached.
    Will be random for every clan and add excitement as each tier is unlocked.
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    I wish they wouldn't announce it at all. I want to be surprised the morning that games the start.

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    maybe there are just 1% of players join in the SC forum, but players from different countries have there own language forum to discuss. the news published in the SC forum can be copied to different forums by players in a short time.

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    ✌✌yes i agree with him

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