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    Hello, my idea is simple ... why not give the chance to organize tournaments directly in-game?  Default settings for defining the number of participating clans, th level and number of players and the various necessary parameters, tournament visible through a bulletin board visible to all, in the night village a sort of warehouse could be created where to store resources, books, hammers,  gems and all that a player wants to insert ... things that will then form the prize pool for the tournament ...... creating a clan bulletin board accessible to everyone where to display their conquered trophies (ex the cup of  who will win the ESL tournament ...) which will give even more prestige to the clan ... what do you think?

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    Tournaments using Friendly Wars are organized today by means outside the game. So sure, why not make them easier by organizing in the game if that is what people desire.

    Strongly disagree though with any prize pool. Simply too easy to manipulate and organize for the sole purpose of transferring assets.

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    Disagree with rewards, because someone will make 5 alts to make a clan to constantly do 5v5 1 hour prep and war day wars, making someone get an obsurd amount of rewards in little time.

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