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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    The video is now LIVE:


    Thank you Nick for informing us about the video and thank you Camilla for answering some of our questions. I'm delighted that it was such a quick process from asking us to post questions to the publication of the video. I thought it would take months like it did in the previous Q&A's, so Team Hay Day exceeded my expectations. Kudos for streamlining the process to three weeks.

    And now, I'd like to transcribe the video for those who would like to read it.

    Camilla: Welcome to Dairy News, Q&A edition. You ask and we answer. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the Bell and Like button.

    1. Tahoe: What are the development team's feelings about the comments and feedback regarding the Valley. And what possible changes can we expect, if any?

    Camilla: In general, we really love getting feedback because whether it's good or bad, it tells us how the players are feeling and where we should go with the feature. Of course, when the feature is fresh out like the Valley was in the summer, sometimes you get feedback that is very much related to the fact that the players don't understand it yet. Then of course we make changes to make more understandable if it's necessary. But the feeling whether it's a good or bad feature will come with time. So we can't really react in panic, like, Oh my god. The players hate it now. Let's change it right now because we might break the game that way. And of course, we do have plans for the Valley. We have both short-term and long-term plans. But you will have to wait for the next Dairy News to find out what they are.

    2. DTX725: I have always been very curious about how the Daily Dirt works. Can you give a detailed explanation on it? Actually, it would be great to see a whole Youtube video about it.

    Camilla: I don't think there's enough there to make a video on it because it's quite simple. When you tap the mailbox to open up the newspaper, the game checks all the ads that currently exist and filters them based on your level so you don't get an ad for an item you can't buy yet. And then it shows you a random selection. And that's it.

    3. Meonhoc: Hay Day is designed to be played for years, but the player still needs to see an achievable goal to keep going. For an average player to start a new farm today, there's so much to do in the game. Isn't it too difficult for a new player to stay engaged?

    Camilla: That's a really great question. Of course, players at higher levels have had the opportunity the experience the new features as we put them out. And they grew in the game as the game grew. For new players, it's quite different now because there is already everything there for them to experience. We try to pace things out so the new players don't get overwhelmed. For example, we have the Derby at level 18, and we were very careful not to place the Valley close to 18 while still allowing a lot of players to play it. So it's at 25. We want the players to be able to engage with the Derby and understand how the derby works and play it before having to go on and learn the Valley. We also like to give the players the options, like for example, if you want to sell something, you can sell it via the Roadside Shop or to the truck or to the boat or to the town so that a new player, or any player, can decide what they prefer doing and then they'll just go into their own flow of playing however they like. They don't need to do everything. So for new players, I guess I'd say take your time, go at your own pace, and don't panic! All the new features will be there when you're able to engage with them. Yeah, just have fun.

    4. IWantToBeSmothered: The Valley is a great new area. Have you already thought about the next big thing?

    Camilla: The next big thing is...more Valley! We're working on it and improving it. We really see a lot of potential in the Valley and we have some good ideas. So stay tuned and keep playing.

    5. LynnK2015: How does Team Hay Day rank, in order of importance, the quality of game, quality of social experience, game balance, and monetization?

    Camilla: At Supercell in general, we're of the philosophy that if you build a really good game and you give the players some exciting options that they want to spend on, then the monetization will follow. Team Hay Day doesn't place monetization that high when we're thinking of new features. Quality and social experience are the pillars of when we design Hay Day what we were thinking of. To me, the quality of the game and game balance are basically interconnected. You can't have a good game if it's unbalanced. And if you have a really balanced game and it's bad quality, it's also not a really great game. The Valley was built with this principle in mind. We didn't have monetization as part of our goals when we were building it. Instead, we wanted to create a feature that players would would play for a long time and have a lot of fun with it. That was our main goal, and I think we did a really good job. We want you to stay in the game because it's fun and because you're having fun with your friends and family. And you make new friends and new families. Did you know that some people meet through the game and get married? It blows our minds!

    6. Gregory B: How long is the design process for new features. For example, how many drafts did you go through before you got the final design for the Valley?

    Camilla: It varies. Some features are really simple and quick, and others take a really long time and a few tries to nail down. The Valley was a big one that fell apart after a few months, and we had to start over from scratch. We decided it wasn't good enough for the players. So, from then on, since we restarted the Valley, then the design was clearer and we knew what we had to achieve. I can't really say how many drafts it takes because we design features in small chunks. So for example, we had the design for the fuel system, We had the design for the daily quests, the design for the sun points. So everything was a small design and there wasn't one big document that had drafts. The design process is based on how the feature evolves. I'm not always writing down everything that's needed because sometimes, a coder will implement something they think will work and we'll all test it and decide if it's nice or if it needs some changes. So it evolves quite organically. And that's why we can't give too many details about features that we're working on too early on because the process is very fluid, the design evolves. And we don't want to promise you something we aren't sure about.

    7. HayDayBigFan: What is Rose knitting? Can she drop her product every day for us to sell?

    Camilla: It is a...big fluffy scarf for Ernest. He already has 15 of them. And you can't have them because it's for him. Sometimes she makes it for the animals too.

    8. Nono Tya: I have noticed a large ship at the bottom of the sea at the fishing area. Can we know what is it doing there?

    Camilla: Well, you see, a long time ago, Angus and your uncle were fearsome pirates. No, no. Just kidding. We have a lot of fun making the game. We just like to put little details like that because it's funny. I mean, think about it. It's not even a sea. It's just a lake. How did it get there?

    Whew, those were really good questions. We'd love to do another Q&A to address more of your pressing questions. So please post them on the forums, on Reddit, on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Send us a postcard. Whatever you feel like. Remember to subscribe and hit the Like button. See you next time.

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    Derby tasks

    Hey guys Iím new to this , first ever time using it. Please forgive me if Iíve made a mistake or in the wrong place.

    Think it would be a wonderful idea if we could do more than one derby task at a time. And that way we get to complete more tasks then we are allowed to do.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittykatz81 View Post
    Hey guys I’m new to this , first ever time using it. Please forgive me if I’ve made a mistake or in the wrong place.

    Think it would be a wonderful idea if we could do more than one derby task at a time. And that way we get to complete more tasks then we are allowed to do.

    Hello kittykatz and welcome to the forum! There is an Ideas and Feature Requests subforum where you can post your ideas. See here:

    Also, be sure to read the "stickied" thread at the top of that subforum on Ideas that have been ruled out here:

    I know that others have also mentioned this idea, but I don't see it ruled out (unless I've missed it).
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