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Thread: Three star rate in LL dropping fast after update?

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    Three star rate in LL dropping fast after update?

    Granted I have been messing around with all the buffed troops and latest YouTube strats, but I haven’t sniffed a 3 star against a max TH12 in weeks. Then again, I haven’t been 3ed myself in about the same time period, thanks to my rotating in some of the latest base designs.

    In contrast, over the summer in the heyday of pekka-bo-bat and hogs, I was getting 1 or 2 triples per day. And often suffering one myself.

    Seems like the most consistently successful players are still doing pekkas, bowlers, and witches or Eddie spam and getting their nice safe 66-85% 2 star. I haven’t been hit successfully by mass drags or nerfed hogs since the update.

    Trophies bouncing between 5200 and 5300 depending on the day and experimental army.
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    Well thatís not my experience at all Iím hovering around the 5450-5500 range atm. I got 3 starred twice yesterday. I got one 3 yesterday and so far today I have one 3 star also

    I think it comes down to the range you are in.. the higher u go the better the attackers. I have a mini that I use 5-6 attacks a day and stays in lower legends 5000-5200. Itís super easy down there and I pretty much have a 75% chance to get a 3 star in that range

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