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    Clan war

    Should have an attack with each base - one from main war base and another on a builder base

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    Supercell has already stated they have no intention of doing clan wars for builder base because they don't want it to follow the same path as the main village. Besides, this will seriously disadvantage players who don't play the builder base. Suddenly they'd be required to play builder base in order to stay competitive in clan wars. Bad idea all around
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    There is no level matching requirement between the Main Base Level, and the Builder Base Level. That is, a TH 12 base can have a BH 3, or even no BH at all, while a TH 6 can have a BH 9! Could not imagine the matching algorithim nightmare for matching via TH weight and by BH weight simultaneously.
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    Should have an attack with each base - one from main war base and another on a builder base
    Builder base is optional, and SC have stated that is their intention. They do not want to introduce anything which will have the effect of making people feel forced to play Builder Base, and this would certainly have that effect.

    SO absolutely should not happen, even if a rational way of doing it could be found (which is unlikely).
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    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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