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Thread: Legend league 50/65/40 heroes looking for new home

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    May 2016
    If you're still looking feel free to check out New Brits (link to our recruitment page in signature). My profile ID in my signature as well. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Clan: New Brits ~ Lvl 16 ~ UK/International ~ Adults Only
    Check out our Clan Recruitment Thread Here
    Questions about New Brits? Ask on Discord Here
    Questions not New Brits related? PM me or Message me on Discord Here
    TH 12 Lvl 184 Heroes: 65/60/31 #2VURP90QR
    TH9 Lvl 103 Heroes: 20/18 #YGRQLQYUY

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    Have you heard of Ottoman Empire!?
    Rebuilding and need TH11+
    Clan Tag: #YP9U98CJ

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    I did mention their war log is geting pretty bad.

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    Newport News, VA
    My tag is #GCU89RV9. My clan is in Champs III, no long waits for donations here. Check us out.

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    Hi megabad, my clan is level 14 in Champs 3 CWL and our war log is 370-102-10 with a 76% win rate. We have really active donations and the delay is 10 minutes at most, and we don't have a required donation ratio. We are helpful and when someone does badly we don't criticise him. The link to my profile is, send me a friend req of interested!
    Clan Recruiter for TheBustyBlazers #VR2LUGJ (Level 14 in Champion 3 CWL)

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    Here you go mega, our clan name and tag is in signature below. War record does fit your requirement, but war log is not public, you'd have to stop in

    Good luck clan hunting!

    Wizard's Duel, #PGLP0802, Mark/Pope Vader, Warsmith Alliance Clan,

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    Two clans. Redhawk Rebels (Masters I) Redhawk Wars (Crystal I). War always. Rebels will be home clan. Let me know if interested...

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    Hello, if you're still looking for a new home, check us out. Our clan name is Texas War Inc (#V9PC8G89). We are Primarily based out of the states, but we also have a couple of members from all across the globe. Our war record is 144-48 and we war Back to back 24/7. We also do CWL, which we are in Masters 3. If you choose to join us, make sure you state that youre from the forums in the request. Thanks

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    Hi MegaBad,

    We are Clan of Clashes #2RQ9UVVQQ, mostly 11s and 12s.

    Mostly US we have some around the world - usually someone is on.
    If you'd like to read about us here are the details

    If you think we're a fit, please stop by,

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    #yyqq09 600+ wins fair play. pm me if you need more

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