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Thread: Engineered account -- advice wanted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorJohnson View Post
    All the best engineers I've known were self-taught and no one would share relevant information with them. Most strong clans also require strong skills on top of flawless bases and are near impossible to get into unless you are known.

    When I joined the Engineering Underground I had to sign a NDA to never reveal insider information.

    God luck on your journey though
    I am super interested in learning more about this underground society. Is there anyway that I could obtain more information about this?
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    I too have multiple accounts decided not to follow the route of engineering , my suggestion to you is
    concentrate on your offense and work on your defenses

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    I rushed/engineered a base to th12 for SM, in November the account will be a whole year old.

    I left all of the defenses at lvl 1 and at first the only thing i was actually upgrading was traps and teslas defense wise.

    At each th lvl i placed everything and once i had enough loot to upgrade the th i would. After a while due to having an excess of gold since i wasn't using it on defenses i started to pour gold into walls.

    The only troops i upgraded at each th lvl was my barbs and archers for farming, once i maxed those i did miners to max and heal for de farming. Once i maxed my farming troops i started working on 1 war army comp at a time.

    All defenses are still lvl 1 and my war weight is 107.

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    Here's the stats for that base.

    KING 34, QUEEN 34, GW 17

    Walls 205 lvl10, 95 lvl11.
    All defenses are lvl 1
    Teslas are maxed
    bombs (3) lvl 7 and (3) lvl 6 (1 currently upgrading to 7, 1 d 19h left)
    spring trap (5) lvl 4 (3) lvl 3 (1 currently upgrading to lvl 4, 12 1/2 hrs left)
    giant bombs maxed
    air mines all lvl 4 (1 currently upgrading to lvl 5, 12 1/2 hrs left)
    seeking air mines maxed
    skeleton traps maxed
    tornado trap maxed

    My lab is lvl 10, both spell factories are maxed, seige factory maxed, cc maxed, and all barracks are maxed.

    Army Camps maxed.

    Once i am done maxing the traps i have remaining: bombs, spring traps and air mines; I'll start upgrading my defenses.
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    The "big guns" don't add nearly as much war weight as they used to. By "big guns" I mean x-bows, infernos, eagle (and TH12 giga bomb).

    Advising people not to build the big guns, or to delay building them (the .5 method) is outdated advice and not helpful, especially for CWL but also for regular war.

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