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Thread: I canít get my account back

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    I canít get my account back

    Basically i been playing long time ago on an android and my name was . And i was logged in with my facebook and now when i log in with my facebook on ios my base doesnt show up i just have to start again. Can you guys help me?
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    welcome to the forum. what do you want first good or bad news? bad news? okay than lets go.

    bad news → facebook does not save your progress.

    good news → remember if you have saved your village with google play login in the game.
    if you have saved your village with gplay→ get an android device and load clash and your gplay account on the device and than save your village with supercell id.
    part one:

    part two:

    if you havent saved your village with gplay or cant remember login datascontact the ingame support and request account recovery.
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