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Thread: GW is a faulty hero!

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    Unhappy GW is a faulty hero!

    I have an GW level 40. My GW is so stupid! He moved like a brainless person and attack so dummy.
    I think there's something wrong with his AI programming. Do you think like me?

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    Well, with the emotional abuse you unleash on him, it's not surprising he doesn't perform well under stress.

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    You should see my queen.
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    The grand warden just follows his nose, he isn't programmed at all. It's called Clash Magic.

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    right behind you
    he is stil drunken warden from clashyversary.
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    Aq is worst

    and don't get me started on the battle machine. He's the best of the worst!
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    support hero gonna support
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    lets all raise a glass my fellow drunk troops!!! keep targeting all the buildings except the ones that are killing us!!!😁

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    at least he does something !

    the battle machine is like a walking hero ! he just WAAAAAALKS AND WAAAAAAALKS UNTIL HE DIES !
    i mean cmon man ! hit something in the middle of your road ! what are you doing?? there are plenty of cannons and archer towers shooting at ya ! why are you ignoring everything and just walk to the center having a death wish !

    he became much useless now , it doesn't really make much difference if i use him in the war or not ! would achive the same destruction cause he mainly does nothing and would die before he could use his hammer cause he doesn't hit anything he just walks !

    Level 242Maxed TH12

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiCra View Post
    You should see my queen.
    Come one man, you make me wanna go and spread some!

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