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Thread: Hero Recovery exempt for in clan challenges

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    Hero Recovery exempt for in clan challenges

    Sorry if this has been suggested, I did have a quick look but there are many posts.

    My suggestion is that you should be able to participate in friendly in clan challenges against fellow clan mates using your heroes even though they are on recovery, or even under upgrade. Since it is an in clan thing involving no loot gain. We have a lot of members now sitting in legends league, which is great, but with it now brings a situation of .... log on, raid, log off. No need to stay online to avoid being raided, no reason to stay online as heroes are on recovery, so they spend less time actively online in the clan.

    Often I need to get my raids done in the evening, but then I cannot join in on the challenges, as my heroes are down, then as soon as they are up, I raid again, and they are down again. If we could use our heroes in friendly challenges, to practice, if gives a reason to be online while waiting for them to recover to then do a real loot gaining raid.

    Encouraging in clan practice would be a good thing in my opinion. Just a suggestion 🙂

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    I’d like it. Just after an attack, next army ready but heroes sleeping, that’s when I’d like to practice.

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    That’s exactly when I mean, glad it made sense ��

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