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Thread: War day boosts

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    War day boosts

    What do people think about having one war day boost per clan. This could be offensive or defense. For for 15 minutes....clan cant attack your clan for 15 minutes....troop boost for clan one level above what you have even if maxed for townhall (except max troops). Troop decrease, decreases enemy clan troops for 15 minutes. Boost war time ahead 15 minutes or add 15 minutes to war time. These boost would have a time duration and one would be randomly given to the clan before war. The clan can then use them at the time of their choosing.

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    I think it’s not a good idea. Clan wars are very well balanced, all things considered. Were you to be in the lead at the last 15 minutes you could throw on the defensive boost and the other clan just can’t attack - that doesn’t feel right. Or if you are a clan largely clustered in 1 time zone vs a more internationally diverse clan, you could get more OP attacks done during your 15 minute offensive boost.

    I’m not sure what this suggestion does to help war, just make it more uneven, though I could be missing something?
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