We are a serious adult war clan that focuses on 3 star strategies. We are looking for non-rushed, active Th8-12. We are an active clan with constant wars. Feel free to push trophies, farm, or war. You are not required to war.

Clan Information

Level 16
War wins 442 (back to back wars)
International Clan

Clan Rules
Donate as much as possible.
Request as much as possible.
Clean clan chat clean.
Cap during clan games.

Th9 [Maxed Th8|If you have level 3 xbows, heroes 20/20|FiN Complete]
Th10 [Maxed Th9|FiN Complete]
Th11 [Maxed Th10|FiN Complete]
Th12 [Max Th11 troops|Heroes 50/50/20|Walls 11+|FiN Complete]

You may request to join in game, or join our discord for an invite.