This is my first ever thread so it won't have to much crazy stuff!

$pectral Reign is recruiting active war lovers who just want to contribute and be given support on the path to greatness!

TH8-12 (nonrushed)
Level: 85+
Troops must be average level here

Required Rules: Must join discord server, keep it pg-14, donate 1:3, if participating in clangames- get a minimum of 1000 points, respect leadership and be somewhat mature

Age range is open, we consider ourselves a family clan. We have people who are from all over the world, however English must be your primary language.

We keep order here but at the same time allow a chill, fun environment.

WAR is big here, we resurrected the clan not to long ago so we have been working on pulling the old war record around!

Since the revival we have always maxed clangames and will continue to do so!

Clan War League - We are recruiting also to get past Gold League 1, so we welcome any higher levels as well to join the family!

Send me a message or comment if you'd like to join, can't wait to see you guys! Clash on!