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Thread: Eliminate Worthless Yard Sale Event

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    Eliminate Worthless Yard Sale Event

    Another week without an double XP event and this shows up.
    I fail to see why this non-productive yard sale event exist. Instead, why not just simply put a permanent delete option on decor items that some players cannot seem to stomach having hidden away in their storage. This event goes by and players still complain that items they wanted to get rid of was never wanted by a visitor.

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    If they eliminated everything that players complained about, there would be nothing left.
    That said, I could live without this event, mostly because I do not need coins - have millions and nothing to buy
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    The yard sale was pointless; my friend was on and off all day yesterday, and only got ONE person that asked for decos!

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    I think it has outlasted its usefulness.
    I would still love it if Hay Day gave us an option for getting rid of decorations we don't like. But what I wanted, and still want is a way to put those items in my road side shop or to donate them to my neighbors.
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