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Thread: Which hero first to max ?

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    I spent all Hammers on the Queen and all Books on the Warden.

    A level 40 Warden is an extremely powerful hero.

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    Grand Warden first due to the easier resource to upgrade him.

    Then the other two. I prefer to upgrade the colossal King over the elegant Queen but that is up to preference.

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    I feel it needs to be restated, since people obviously arent reading the thread, that his Queen is already max.. eg. You can forget about the Queen... And that seems to make GW the more obvious choice, since he gives greater value to the raid IMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anvesh0611 View Post
    I have already maxed my arch queen and now running barb king at 61 . And grand warden at 29 . However everyone is my clan told me to focus on gw more and use hero books and hammers on it only .

    So what should I do .

    Barb to 65
    GW to 40 ?
    GW to 40 all day when it comes to books and hammers. Upgrade the king when its convenient.

    Its funny reading others responses, they didn't even read your question.

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    Definitely GW. However, save a book for CWL week and book king if you are overflowing dark.

    GW 40 is not only strong on offense but also on defense too. I think its like 2200hp and like 256 dps (xbow6 is 155dps and giga 5 is 200dps for reference) He's basically an extra xbow

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