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Thread: Need a long term clan games partner, preferably a level 10+ clan.

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    Need a long term clan games partner, preferably a level 10+ clan.

    I have a lot of accounts to offer, but doing CG entirely by myself can be boring and tiresome.

    What I'm looking for is a clan that needs a little CG help once a month, and wouldn't mind partnering up. I just need two spaces, and will quietly cycle through my accounts one at a time during CG and then leave. I will/can max as many accounts as needed for max rewards of course, but most of my accounts will just be one and done.

    I'm not looking for a home, and don't have a need for a war clan or anything else. I just want to be honest about that up front.

    If this sounds like it would be helpful to you and your clan, please PM me.

    Thank you!

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    pm sent, hope you have a look and we are a fit

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    Feel free to check out Taco Mafia! We'd love the help #22L0V0JRV

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    We have the room. Casual adult clan. Wars are optional. We finish clan games but always room for more!
    try us theHigh&Mighty- tell them Acam sent you

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