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    Yoooo!!! INTZ 😎😎...

    My whole clan voted for them!!

    Go INTZ!! ♥️♥️

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Crawler View Post
    congrats to everyone who made it. Iím curious to the number of voters that voted?
    Same here, but as always those numbers aren't released for the same reason they don't show how many players are playing each day. From percentage it looks like there is a huge portion of clashers are from a certain area and releasing numbers might put clash in comparison with other games in that area which is the same area where the company that owns the majority of Supercell comes from. That is my opinion just for not to get asked about sources

    Thanks for DragonX101 for his great work!

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    Best losers is really the only option, otherwise you'll see chinese and Indian clans just wiping the floor with these things purely on population.

    That is not a fair system, the other clans may as well have waved the white flag already.

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    I think this vote shows the "serious" players demographics around the world.

    Most casual players don't even click on the News tab. I had to tell my clan there is a vote for any one to bother to look at the News tab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtom4prez View Post
    I think this vote shows the "serious" players demographics around the world.
    It also shows, that it is bad if two clans from the same country are listed due to split votings. A single clan from Japan would be probably at #4 instead of #6 and #7.

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    Congrats to everyone.

    Can we also know the total number of voters?

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    This thread
    Intz won
    Not really surprising

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    they should have had the wild card teams play off. this voting system was really lame and heavily effected by population. Also letting lower town halls vote meaning the largest population of players can create new acc for free votes. Shenzhou is easily the worst team in the world championship and will likely go out early. Intz congrats!!!🎉

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    Darian do we know the total amount of votes in the Wildcards?

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    Voted for intz... good luck for them!
    Nothing here stays the same forever. You must learn to change as the game changes, or clash will force you one way or another.

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