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Thread: FairWarMatchups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegreatpuma View Post
    This is interesting. When we were doing this a year ago or so we did not see this same effect.
    Nah. neither did I/we.
    used to do it at the old clan, then it stopped around the TH12 drop time.
    Since i went to the alt, have found not using bows is giving easier wars, even tho oppo has them.
    Only war I lost was when using bows on top.. Got outmatched.

    Could be simply a bye product of lighter wars tho.. Time will tell mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3stl3SSW4rr1or View Post
    If you want that (in regular wars - not cwl) you have to do THxx-only wars like 5 TH10. With lineups like these you will have opponents that you call fair.
    Yes and No. Possibly a good idea for 5v5 wars (or max TH12 only rosters), but for 30v30 wars a full roster of TH10s only would be unusual, and therefore matching a similar clan would be more difficult, therefore possibly resulting in some weird match ups.

    The availability of similar clans is the key to reduce the likelihood of regular mismatches, ie, a balanced roster .

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