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    Your main account still has level 11 lava walls. How many walls are you upgrading each day? Prices usually get discounted over time like cars. Would you rather have it now and take advantage of it or wait 6 months expecting some type of discount? Walls have already been made cheaper with gold pass and a new player that farms efficiently can get lava walls in a few months. Some of the heavy farmers can upgrade 4 to 5 walls at 4 million each per day.

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    Thanks for all the answers!

    i usually upgrading no more than 2 walls per day (lazy farming busy work days...)
    Seems logical indeed to upgrade the cheap ones first as when price will be cut (and it's safe to assume this will happen at some point in time) i will "benefit" more from expansive unupgraded walls than from cheap unupgraded walls.

    The only scenario in which there will be no difference is if price cut will be absolute and linear and not percentage of initial price (let's say -1M for all lvls) in this case it won't matter what to upgrade first.
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    I don’t see why th13 walls can’t be more than $5 million each. Th12 walls could’ve been more than 5 million each and I would’ve been happy with it.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. I'm still thinking starting the "new" legends at Legends2 at 5500 and having Legends3 be for 5000-5499 would be good (with season resets to 5000 and 5500 depending on your trophies at season end) but overall I LOVE the Legends change. Thanks SC.

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    Gold pass upgrade discount is awesome for walls. Smash those walls as soon as you hit the 20%
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    please do not reduce the price of the max walls. it is not really fair compared to the players they have had to buy for the full price. has already become considerably cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leffe View Post
    please do not reduce the price of the max walls. it is not really fair compared to the players they have had to buy for the full price. has already become considerably cheaper.
    I mean, that reason is like asking for compensation for all the time it too to upgrade and build stuff before they drastically reduced everything like 5 years ago. :/ "Yes, I would like compensated for the difference in time of building buildings and troops from 5 years ago before you reduced all the times."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Affront View Post
    So .. if you forget the "all levels must be the same"-OCD, you get much more flexibility.

    LOL. I have this OCD. While upgrading walls, it bugs the heck out of me when there is a one or two lower segments wall as part of the entire row.
    I also hated the pink and purple crystal looking walls. Looks funny. I am glad I am way past that.

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    Heroes are worse. Walls are simply resource management. And a garbage dump.

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    Wait before maxing the walls

    We ll get price reduction for th12 walls on or before 2022.
    Until then, max your defences, troops.. while trying to max your heroes you'll find yourself having excessive loot. Use it to upgrade one level at a time.

    Have 50 maxed pieces minimum to cover your town hall or whatever you gave priority to.. By upgrading other things, Days and updates will pass through, so does your life.

    We will get price reduction, and we ll give fing*rs to th10s who got mass price reduction which consumed current th12s, th12s several months to upgrade the walls.
    Well you have to do all walls upgrade to one level, and max it finally. In that way your defence loss will save upto few walls.

    TH13 will be released with increased loot cap.
    Remember we had 10M cap and TH12 release threw 12M cap in our faces.
    Almost half the max defences in TH12 costs 12M..

    Even this new lvl 30 to lvl 40 grand warden costs 12M elixir. Queen lvl 60-65 240k dark..
    Surely, There will be a Resource cap increment with TH13.. or else it ll feel like we are playing th12 again 😂

    It may be a storage increment, or additional storage or special storage which doesn't look like a storage or a virtual storage which is available but doesn't exist in the base like season bank

    My advice, wait before you max the walls. Upgrade all walls before the max lvl, after you done all other things. Suits for all town hall levels
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDragonD View Post

    And here is the question:
    will it be better to upgrade first the lowest lvl of walls one lvl at a time or continuing to upgrade each wall piece to max lvl as i do now and when done move to next wall piece.

    Lets say i have 4Mil+5Mil to do for all walls, should i do all 4 Mil upgrades and then start all 5Mil upgrades?
    I personally upgrade walls 1 lvl at a time, tried dumping loot in maxing 1 wall to max (was not motivating)....
    Hang in their , Give yourself Daily / Weekly wall completion targets , you'll complete upgrading walls quickly and enjoy while doing it
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