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Thread: The real issue with golems is not their hitpoints or their dps

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    The real issue with golems is not their hitpoints or their dps

    Imagine you are sending in your army (which includes golems) in TH8 or TH9. The golems are targeting defenses, tanking for your troops behind them. These troops are not entirely safe: there is a chance that a point defense at the flanks will still pick them instead of the golems, while splash defenses may also hit them while targeting the golems. Mortars, in particular, have this exclusion zone around them, so they completely ignore golems that are too close. But that is OK, because mortars do not really have high dps.

    In TH10, a major shift in defense design takes place: inferno towers. Multi-infernos now have 5 beams, and the golem can only tank one of them. The remaining four are free to pick troops behind the golem.

    In TH11, the eagle appears. It can hit any troop anywhere on the map (except for those too close to it), though, in principle, it prioritizes high troop concentrations, so it is likely to target golems first, if there are any on the map. The splash damage/shock wave of the eagle, however, is no joke, and can take troops close to the golem really fast.

    Finally, in TH12, the giga-tesla appears, and has essentially the same mechanics as the multi-inferno, as it can target 5 different troops at once. So a golem is, once more, unable to tank it.

    So, this is the real reason golems are no longer the troop of choice: some key defenses can no longer be tanked by golems. So how can we fix that? One possibility is to bring lots of golems (at least 5), so that a multi-inferno or giga-tesla can be tanked completely.

    An much more interesting alternative would be to give the golem a "taunt" ability, as seen in other games (such as SC's Boom Beach or the classic card game Hearthstone). By this mean that, as soon as a golem enters the range of a defense, the defense will drop its target and retarget on the golem instead. But I propose this with a twist: the golem will tank all five beams of a multi-inferno and all five "zaps" of the giga-tesla. And yes, if this happens a golem will go down really fast, which is exactly why this change sounds really well balanced to me, but at least it will tank defenses properly.

    What do you think?
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    I think that SuperCell considered a few different ways to implement the game mechanic and that they chose pretty well.

    Every army composition, no matter what level townhall you are at, consist of a "tank" and a "firepower" part.

    It's up to us to adjust our armies and time our attacks in such a way that we can beat our opponents. There has to be a balance between the attack and the defences.

    Golems are just one of the options you have, when training your army and I do believe that it's pretty well balanced.

    Granted, I'm currently using a Pekka/IceGolem mix instead of straight up Golems, but that's besides the point. With Ice Golems you run the risk of them hitting a spring trap, but you will get a bit of freeze when they die.

    No matter what army you chose to use, you have to have a plan for taking out the EA or the TH.

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    I like the idea. Of course, it would need to be tested to see if it really works. But if golems sucked up more firepower, then yeah...they would actually become useful.
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    Actually, I like this.

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    Interesting idea. I like it as well. Drawing all the firepower from defenses may be a little too much... perhaps just the multi targeting infernoes and giga tesla?

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    if you bring giants as well as golem all your troops are tanked

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    I have two th12 accounts. One maxed. I havenít even tried to use a golem in a very long time and there is one sole reason behind that and it isnít mentioned.
    Golems will steal healers almost every time. There is too much of a risk of this happening so this alone is enough not to use them
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    It would make GoLo a legit strategy.

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    Its a good suggestion. I've been saying forever the golem needs a utility because its pretty useless right now. Giving it more hps or an extra golemite does pretty much nothing with them so much slower than all the other offensive troops and the fact golems take zero defenses down.

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