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Thread: The real issue with golems is not their hitpoints or their dps

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    For me it IS their dps...Iíll almost always rather a pekka than a golem these days.

    What about giving them some crazy dps against walls, since that seems to be one of their favorite targets? Could make for some fun gameplay if they were like mini WWís...

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    numbers can compensate for lacking on other aspects..

    if golem has 20k hp ill use them..however at less than 20k, i think ill pass.

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    I made a thread similar to this the other day and for some reason it got merged and buried in the balance changes sticky. But yes I agree, you can up their hp and dps all you want, that isn't going to make them any more useful than they are now. There are better, cheaper, and more effective ways to tank for your kill squad. They need to do something dramatic or the golem will just end up one those troops that you'll never use past th8 or 9.

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    Golems arnt designed to really do damage, itís all about the health, add 2000 health and I think that might help (and add the same %increase for golemites)

    Iím experimenting them in my cc in defence and got some decent results too
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterEdy View Post
    Ever tried QW?
    Of course Iíve tried queen walk. If youíre using a troop with 8k hp to tank for the queen when she already has healers on her then whatís the point? Thatís not the same as funneling with a pekka/BK or leading her with an IG.

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    It’s the hit points. Plain and simple. There are plenty of ways to help golems get through a base without getting stuck on a wall, but sadly you’d be lucky to have them even limp past the outer wall if they can even survive that long at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdrakakis View Post
    Imagine you are sending in your army (which includes golems) in TH8 or TH9. The golems are targeting defenses, tanking for your troops behind them. These troops are not entirely safe: there is a chance that a point defense at the flanks will still pick them instead of the golems, while splash defenses may also hit them while targeting the golems. Mortars, in particular, have this exclusion zone around them, so they completely ignore golems that are too close. But that is OK, because mortars do not really have high dps.

    In TH10, a major shift in defense design takes place: inferno towers. Multi-infernos now have 5 beams, and the golem can only tank one of them. The remaining four are free to pick troops behind the golem.

    In TH11, the eagle appears. It can hit any troop anywhere on the map (except for those too close to it), though, in principle, it prioritizes high troop concentrations, so it is likely to target golems first, if there are any on the map. The splash damage/shock wave of the eagle, however, is no joke, and can take troops close to the golem really fast.

    Finally, in TH12, the giga-tesla appears, and has essentially the same mechanics as the multi-inferno, as it can target 5 different troops at once. So a golem is, once more, unable to tank it.

    So, this is the real reason golems are no longer the troop of choice: some key defenses can no longer be tanked by golems. So how can we fix that? One possibility is to bring lots of golems (at least 5), so that a multi-inferno or giga-tesla can be tanked completely.

    An much more interesting alternative would be to give the golem a "taunt" ability, as seen in other games (such as SC's Boom Beach or the classic card game Hearthstone). By this mean that, as soon as a golem enters the range of a defense, the defense will drop its target and retarget on the golem instead. But I propose this with a twist: the golem will tank all five beams of a multi-inferno and all five "zaps" of the giga-tesla. And yes, if this happens a golem will go down really fast, which is exactly why this change sounds really well balanced to me, but at least it will tank defenses properly.

    What do you think?
    I like the re-target and the taunt idea. I don't know if even all 5 beams would be necessary. May 1 beam up to level 5, 2 beams level 6-8 and 3 at level 9. Also, Level 9 golemites take 2 each (6 total). If the mechanics worked this way I guarantee there would be all kinds of new strategies popping up within weeks of the change.

    I like the idea. Hope they consider something along these lines.

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