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Thread: Double X-bow for BH-10

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    Double X-bow for BH-10

    For the longest time, I've wanted double X-bow (or some variation of it). I thought it would be good for BH-10. Maybe in the next major update?

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    I'm sure you the concept is crystal clear to you, but my telepathy skills are nonexistent. Please enlighten us to what your concept is & how it works.

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    Probably a defence that has fast attack and re-targeting to be effective against units like barbs

    On the same note sneaky archers should not have cloaking beyond 50% of the time so I never have to wait for a mass attack that they draw out to the full 3+ min

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    Pls no more recycling of same old defences for BH10, I want new concepts for BH10 defence.

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    This thread
    Seems a bit op
    Needs something to balance it

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