Is it just me or does this happen to anyone else? You watch some Youtube videos and see how calmly and easily they get 3 stars. You puff your chest out next war and do your first raid right away because you want to show off to your clan mates. Your confidence is sky-high...but then reality sets in. There is a reason you do not have a Youtube channel...


: I'm going to do an archer-charge into this max TH12 base. I really want to make sure I get a lot of value with my single archer, so I will add a rage and perhaps one barbarian to tank. With all of these troops, I should be able to get the TH, EA, an IT and perhaps one of the AD. (1 minute later) 2 troops seem to be working in slow motion, yet they are perfectly deployed and take the exact path that was planned. They mow down a bunch of defense, while the Youtuber calmly discusses the ongoing attack and how well it is going. (2 minutes later) Oh wow look at that, I didn't even need to use my hero abilities. Those 2 troops got almost the entire base! I can't believe I just wrecked that base with my Barch attack! Swag 8 spells and watch the 3-star.

Me: I'm going to send my max-AQ, 5 healers, funnel with a mini-dragon/pekka AND BK, plus like 3 spells. Then I will pray that I get the TH. (1 minute later). Please please please get the TH. Come on AQ. HUZZZAH she got the TH. 2-star and 60%.


Youtuber: Oh my attack is going so badly, I will just secure a 2 star. (2 minutes later) Oh wow, I can't believe I 3-starred that max base! That attack looked like it was going nowhere but it still got 100%.

Me: Oh $***, my heroes are all dying and I forgot to drop the healers. SPAM SPAM SPAM virtually every troop and pray for 50%. Come on you stupid little archer, get that builder hut before the EA gets you. (5 seconds later... EA bombs the archer). 49% and 0-stars.


Youtuber: Let's just use a bunch of bat spells even though this base has all multi-ITs. Maybe 1 well-placed freeze. (30 seconds later). Look at that, it worked perfect. The bat spells avoided all the multi-ITs and got so much value! The rest of this base will be no problem to 3 star.

Me: Ok the base has all single-ITs, so maybe I can use bats. Oh ♥♥♥♥, they're going off in every direction. FREEZE FREEZE FREEZE the WTs. Dangit I missed my freeze! Hurry up AQ and get to that WT. (10 seconds later). Bats all dead from 1 WT blast. 1-star 53%.