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Thread: Dragons.How did you fare using them in wars and legends league at TH12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLEEKYx16 View Post
    My army has been 4 healer QW with 5 WB, 1 wizard, 2 balloon (usually one for a mine check with dragons and one with QW). Spells have been 3 rage, 2 lightning, 1 freeze, haste, EQ. Slammer has loons in it. The lowest I've had so far is a low 80% 2 star.
    How many dragons do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentC81 View Post
    How many dragons do you use?
    Sorry, 10. I'll edit the post.

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    I think so too.
    The dragon is powerful because of the buff.

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    The balance adjustments in September have buffed the dragon.
    This makes it very powerful and uses a variety of bat spell attacks such as the links below.

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