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Thread: Th9 and Th6 Looking for a Clan

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    Port Alberni, B.C.
    not sure if we are right for you either but have a gander and pm me if we interest you...
    H.O.C. is hiring at #V9J9JQRV

    Tired of hardcore war clans or clans run by 9 year olds?
    Want benefits of being in a clan without crazy war pressure?
    House of Cali’s is your Clan.

    What we offer:
    -level 9 clan(closing in on ten)
    -small, no pressure optional war once or twice a week
    -a place to grow and just have fun
    -sister clan to B.C. Buds @#8VLYJLJC
    -yes, chat is very quiet but donations are solid
    -drama free
    -non serious so no apps needed
    -currently sitting in gold 2 in CWL

    What we are looking for:
    -ADULT, non hardcore players
    -regular war is totally optional but we are looking for clan games and CWL participants
    -if you war, please NO rushers/engineers and do both attacks according to clan mails
    -folks just looking to have fun playing a game
    -clan is closed so please pm partsguy in forums if we interest you

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    We have a couple of highly active, successful clans that complete in Masters and now focus on th11 & 12. We therefore re-started a level 14 clan for th10 and below. We're looking to replicate that energy in our God$ of War #PPRLVUL9 clan and need good recruits to show us their stuff and eventually join one of our two higher TH clans. You interested? We will war 3x/wk, complete in Gold II CWL and should max clan games < that's important to us. We're US based English speaking adults and have members mostly in North America with a few in Western Europe and elsewhere.

    Our two higher TH clans are Seven Kingdoms #YRVP2P92 and Clan of Clashes #2PYQLPGR. Take a look at all three and if you are interested, request to join God$ of War #PPRLVUL9.

    Hope to see you there, Thomas

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    Join us at Brawlers

    We are looking for fellas that will be loyal and that will help then clan grow and reach great heights while they improve themselves.
    If you are this kind of person then I hope to see you there.

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