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Thread: Best Loot & TH Sniping Army

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    Best Loot & TH Sniping Army

    I have found the army sweet spot for looting dead bases as well as a maxed out active TH 11 base (mostly I attack dead to semi-dead bases). The army combo is given below.


    My loot with the army from the last two days : Click here

    I'll explain how I attack with this strategy. Before I do, a disclaimer : At least one of the heroes required for a good chance of two star (Yes, I said chance because its not always you could swoop in a win with this combo). If all your heroes are upgrading, it is recommended to have cc troops (E drag or pekka preferred).

    Case 1 : Completely Dead Base

    You can get almost all the loot from a dead base. Step 3 is for confirming the star.

    Step 1:

    My first course of action is find out the best/shortest way to reach the Town Hall (Dead TH11 and TH12 can be attacked). This is for a backup because if I need a star or not lose trophies I can go for the TH with at least 30 % of army. So after I decide the way to townhall, I use 4 EQ spell to create an open compartment. I am careful to open only the minimum amount of compartments because too much will spread my troops away form the Town Hall.

    Step 2 :

    It's time to get the collectors! I have 22 giants and 51 goblins. I spend total of 8 giants and 40-45 goblins to hopefully get all the collectors outside the base. I usually deploy one giant and let the defenses, especially splash defenses lock to the giants first and deploy 3-4 goblins per collector. If the collectors are grouped together, say 5 of them are grouped near by, I'll drop 2 giants with a bit of gap between them and deploy 12 goblins spread out. I'll deploy 1-4 goblins and a couple of archers if the giants are killed earlier than expected and the defenses targets goblins. This is usually not necessary because goblins gets the job done in this time. A point to note, I never use spells on the milking of collectors using goblins, spells are for the main attack. Deploy BK if you have him in the army if there is a collector you absolutely have to get but didn't with this step (If you only have one hero, just forget that collector its not worth it).

    Step 3 :

    Its main attack time ! use 2 giants, 2 wizards and rest of the archers outside the base where EQ spell was dumped to create a funnel. When I mean outside, you have to be careful to deploy one giant, one wizard and half of the archers to the far ends of the funnel. There has to be some buildings standing outside the walls & between the funnel (Click here to see the image).It will work 90 - 95% of the time. Deploy the rest of the giants (I call this wave of giants "attack giants"), wait for the primary set o defenses to lock on to the giants, then deploy wall breakers (just the right amount. rest are there for backup) followed by rest of the wizards and pekka (Goblins if any) like so : click here. First tier of spell is a heal when giants reach 50% of health or less. If a single target inferno locks on to the pekka, use freeze (some semi-dead bases have active defenses). If the troops are somewhere near the Town Hall, use rage spell. I usually wait some time after wall breakers are deployed to see how the troops are doing before releasing the heroes so that I can save the heroes health, unless the hero is grand warden, release him immediately after the attack giants. Use heal as needed.

    This will ensure 75% of the time that you will get at least one star, from the townhall or 50% damage.

    Case 2 : Maxed out base

    I only use this strategy against TH11 and maxed TH10's and only 40-60% loot will be acquired from this attack.Step 1 :

    I find the path where I can get the eagle artillery and open max number of compartments that connect to the storage's. I EQ the found path and break the walls.

    Step 2 :

    I create a funnel like this from Case 1, step 3 (2 giants, 22 arch, 2 wiz) . Deploy the troops from Case 1, step 3 (14 giants, ). But this time, hold back the goblins until the giants have cleared couple of wizard towers/mortars (don't hold them back too much because wizards and Pekka will clear some of the storage's and you will not be able to lock the goblins to the storage's inside the base) and then deploy them after giants so that it goes into the base. Prioritize your rage and freeze for the goblins. But use them on the attack army if the star is more important to you. The last heal spell is for the goblins (compulsory).

    This will get you Town Hall and 40-60% of the loot.

    This is a short guide, I know but let me know If you have any doubts or any improvement for my army or style of attack. I'm always happy to help and improve myself.
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    Nice find and suggestions

    tip you can also post the image from free image hosting site which you are using

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    Thanks man, I'm a noob to Supercell forums. I'll do that.

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