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Thread: Loading screen idea

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    Loading screen idea

    [Don't expect me to draw a loading screen]

    I have an idea for a new loading screen:
    Th13 is coming to the game, but nobody knows what it will be. So what if there was a loading screen with all troops and heroes looking (with astonishment) at "something", but we, players, can't see that "thing". The "thing" won't be on screen.

    You could put some hidden hints in the loading screen (like a shadow or a cloud with a special color, referring to a new spell,...).

    This would be a great loading screen from the moment that the first update sneak peek is released.

    What do you guys think?

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    Its too hard to have

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    That could be interesting, indeed. Would definitely increase chatter, as people speculated as to what "hints" are imbedded, and what those hints mean.

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