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We have a month long legend league. We have a week long clan war league. Now it's time for the daily tournament!

First there is a menu where you opt into the daily tournament and you can only opt in once per day. In this game, you are placed in a pool of 512 random bases based on war weight for a single elimination tournament. When 512 slots fill up it starts. It's like a poker table, you have be online to play. When each round starts, you get 1 minute to scout and pick your army and cc. This goes on for 8 rounds so the tournament lasts 32 minutes max. But really, only the top 2 people play that long. Most people will get knocked out early and only have to play 1 to 2 rounds. The single person to win 8 battles in a row in your pool is the "King of the Mountain" for the next 24 hours. Maybe you get a 24 hr perk for being the king like a special badge. If everyone plays, only .2% of players will be king of the mountain.

It can even be tiered. So the next time they opt in, the people who finished King of the Mountain are pooled together for The Super King.

This is unique because it is fills a need for people that can't commit to season long tournaments but want to show their skill and CWL, tournament wise, is really only for clans filled with max TH12s. It is like a legend league you do own your own schedule but in a war format because you are able to scout and customize an army.

Of course there will need to be some special tie breaker rule if 2 people tie in a round. Maybe they play rock, paper, scissor to see who will advance.
I really like this idea .