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Thread: Shades of a troop

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    Shades of a troop

    In my opinion, it would be nice in future if players could "customize" some troops, with advantages and disadvantages. For example, think there are two kinds of barbarians; first one is the current type, fast with only his sword and his helmet, the second one has an armor and a shield too that gives him more health points, but is slower than the first type. There wouldn't be properly new troops, but only two kind of the same troop the player could choose basing on which he prefers to use, or use both to create great combinations.

    Many troops could be interested, for examples:

    -Archers with bow could shoot by an higher distance, slingers could be archers who make more damage, but they have to stay closer to their targets.

    -Goblins with a little bag could be slower to take resources but run faster, Goblins with backpacks the opposite. Or maybe there could be also a goblin with knives which has more health points, the one with spears less.

    -Two kinds of miner, the one with pickax makes more damage but is slower than the one with shovel while returning underground.

    -Valkyrie, with her ax, hits lot of buildings at time staying between them, valkyries on horses with their sword could hit one single building at time and occupy more slots, but they are faster on their horses and could fight alone once the horse falls.

    -Bowler with pikes hits single targets very far (maybe also flying targets) but does less damage than the original bowler.

    -Dragons with knights are slower, bigger, and hit single target, but they hit towers first (thanks to the knight guide) and meanwhile the knight hits other buildings. The current dragons make area damage, are faster and have more health points.

    Those are only few examples, but that could be dozens of shades (witches with different catalysts, giants with bat or spiked bat, old or young wizards, hog riders with different animals, minions or gargoyles) and I think it could add many options for upgrades, researches, strategies, variety of the game and prevent that a troop is abandoned because obsolete.

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