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    Why can't we copy our clanmate's war base layout?

    When we view our clanmate's home village, we can copy the home village layout using the CopyLayout button.

    But when we are in war screen and view our clanmate's war base, we don't have the CopyLayout button to copy the war base layout.

    How can we copy our clanmate's war base layout?

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    you can ask your clanmate to share the link in clan chat
    new feature

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    Privacy, avoid back stabbing, lack of appreciation

    If the owner of the base willing to share it with you, u can get a link in clan chat or in other ways of networking

    Copying others base without asking or thanking them is too much already.
    Atleast ask properly to the owners for their war base. Every single base was constructed by someone which took a lot of time effort and thoughts. Which needs wisdom about troops and defences.
    Copying in a click of a button isn't providing enough appreciation to the base creators. That's why war base layout shouldn't be copyable.

    Some clans/members have haters, who picks up fight with em all the time.
    If they have this option, they ll directly join enemy clan and give out the base to them, in every single war. And sc is aware of spies.

    So the owner have the option to share it, with his conscience and to whom he sharing the base layout with..
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    The reason is that some times clans will send a spy to their oppositions clan and then copy all war base layouts. SC doesn't really want to add features that make this easier.

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    Easier than a screenshot.....

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    Seems like a feature to add to the long list of qol features but regardless I'd recommend using unique ones as if the enemy triple one, they know how to triple the other
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    as if screenshot doesn't work

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    I really don't want anyone to copy my war base.

    E.g. a new TH12/11/10 (depending on which base) copies one of mine, puts it in war & gets flattened because it's weak. Thus revealing all my traps' locations; making my bases vulnerable to a triple. No thanks!

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    If they're willing to share their war base ask them to copy it too the farming base and put it up temporarily so it can be copied. Just don't see what the advantage is, one disadvantage is multiple bases only makes it easier for the enemy clan to figure out and increase their odds of three starring them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M2W View Post
    If they're willing to share their war base ask them to copy it too the farming base and put it up temporarily so it can be copied.
    Even thatís not necessary. For a while now, you can share any layout at any time with anybody you want. From the base layout tool, you can turn any layout into a link that can be shared and even copied to clan chat. Click on the icon that looks like a box with an up arrow on it.

    The link will be available for as long as players use it. Links expire 28 days from when they are last used. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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