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Thread: Clock Tower Boost And "Gear Up"

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    Clock Tower Boost And "Gear Up"

    If I have my master builder working in my main base on "Gearing up" my cannon, if I use the clock tower boost will it speed that progress up? Also, I have a clock tower boost potion to last 30 minutes, if it does boost the master builder working in my main base, I may want to use it to help speed that process up. Thanks in advanced

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    No, does not. The Clock Tower only impacts Builder Base ongoing upgrades. A Builder Potion used on the Main Base will speed an ongoing Gear Up though.

    People tested and confirmed in this thread:

    Clock Tower: Upgrades taking place on Builder Base only.
    Builder Potion, Book: Can be applied to any Gear Ups taking place on Main Base.

    Hammers for Gear Ups?:
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