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Thread: Level 116 - looking for the right hood, can yours tweak my interest?

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    Smile Level 116 - looking for the right hood, can yours tweak my interest?

    Hi there!
    Im a player of around 6 years experience who has recently become a little bored with HayDay and I’m looking for that special “active” and CHATTY team who can re-ignite my fire and in doing so help me learn to love it again.

    I am looking for a team that practises kindness and treats everyone equally and adult, this is very important to me.

    I have previously been a hood leader, however due to a busy work-life balance have decided leading is no longer my forte and I’m in fact much happier just playing along with the team.

    If I find a good hood I will want to enter at “elder” level.

    During play I am competitive and I will always do the maximum points for the particular derby type in play, so I’m also looking for a hood that aims to do maximum points, if your hood does less than maximum please don’t respond to this post.

    Alternatively if I know I’m going to have a busy week I will opt out of play. I will never intentionally let the team down, that’s not my thing!

    I am a practised stacker who knows how to prep tasks so I have no issue with this, I’d prefer a hood that doesn’t take “dibs” on tasks unless they are prepped up to get the tasks done swiftly.

    I am familiar with all the derbies and how how they are played.

    Im not really a lover of the newest feature “The Valley” though I’m happy to help the team achieve goals.

    I’ll happily play “town”.

    I’m particularly looking to enter a hood that’s not only active but is also CHATTY. I’m not a constant chatterer but I do like a place where I can chip in if I’m online, I particularly love the social element of HayDay.

    Happy to join a Facebook group or Messenger, but please note I won’t do Kik or Discord so please no invites if this is a requirement for your hood.

    I think thats about it, but happy to answer any questions if you think I’ll be a good fit.

    If this sounds like your hood give me a shout, I’m ready to join right now
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    New Adult neighbourhood- Farm frenzy!

    A place for the adults and farm lovers who are looking for a relaxed place to play in their own style, chit chat and help eachother.

    Current members count: 3
    As you know good thing takes time!

    Derbies(Optional): 310+ tasks preferred, if opted in. 🙂

    Nothing like rules, but please respect eachother and use "Please and Thanks" where possible.🙂


    Requirement: Adult, farm level 35+. No hoppers!
    Roles comes with responsibilities, promotion will be given depends on performance.
    Play for fun!
    If the above suits you feel free to send a request!

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    Hi I just started playing again after a long time away just started a hood you be welcome to come join us

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    Hi Eileen, thereís no info about your hood. Who are you, whatís the tag, rules & requirements etc
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    Parked up farms

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    Eileen628;12335020]Parked up farms

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    Thanks Eileen, I popped over to have a look but not sure itís the one for me at this time. Thanks for replying though and good luck
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    Hi, Iím looking for more members for my NH...

    🐮 about our hood 🐷
    * We are active derby players and almost always place in the top 3 at championship level
    * International (english speaking) members
    * Hood is run as a friendly and collaborative team and we welcome suggestions from all members
    * We trash low tasks and regularly help each other
    * We have a Facebook group and discord if you like to chat outside of the game

    🐟 Requirements 🐠
    * Complete all 9 derby tasks at 320+ points, or opt-out if too busy (10th task is optional)
    * Minimum level of 60
    * Donít be rude to other members

    If we sound like a good fit for you, come join our team!

    🐶 Our info 🐱
    Aussie Derby Farmers
    NH tag: PYCCYLY2
    Emblem: blue shield with a white saw and saw.

    (My tag is RVYVPOP2)

    ✨If our NH isnít the right fit for you I also have a Facebook group for people looking for members, or looking for a hood to join:

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    Thanks for replying Sara. Are you mostly Aussie players? Iím in UK so looking for a balance that would enable someone to be online most of my daytime hours to chat if desired
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    Red face Home Sweet Home your home away from home

    320/400 finish all tasks
    speak English read & use chat
    train & Valley
    under new leadership we are starting to win derbies and place first or second!
    we would really love you to join and help us grow strength back up in group number.
    new leader
    WindyAutumn Acres
    tag 99LC22Q2
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