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Thread: Shoukd I get my queen to 30 first or keep leveling heroes to match

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    Shoukd I get my queen to 30 first or keep leveling heroes to match

    Hi look above

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    AQ as much as possible. BK is used in a suicide role either to funnel or take out a high value target. Of course, while a beefier BK has its advantage, a higher level AQ will let you queen walk and has a much better value.

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    I personally do it 5 levels of queen and then 5 levels of king. As for warden - I try to max him as fast as possible.

    Both king and queen play important roles in attack - while queen can be used for QW, QC or suicide squad, king is also important for tanking a LOT of damage or better funneling.

    At the end of the day, it depends on you - you feel like you need your queen more, then get her to max ASAP, but I have a feeling that you won’t know what a beast can King be
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    I always go for Queen first cause most of my attack has phase 1 as QC or QW. I use all books on Queen and continuously put my Warden for upgrade without Books or Medals.
    King comes 3rd to me personally. If I get a Dark Rune or much loot I try to upgrade King and Queen parallely.

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    I do Queen to the next Ability level, then King to match mostly. (Used hammers always on Queen as she was most expensive always)
    At TH9 I did Queen to L15 (left king sitting at 10), then took king to 15 etc.
    TH10 I did Q to 35: King to 35. Q to 40; King to 40
    At TH11 I took queen to 50 before doing king. (Still now working on king to 50).
    At TH 12 I will to in steps on 5 alternating again I think.

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    5 levels queen to unlock ability level then 5 levels king. That way both heroes will be ready at the same time

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    Queen is always the priority for me - any hammers or books go to the AQ immediately. Will still train the BK when I can't be without the queen as the BK can be down for much longer periods of time without too much of an impact. I can usually overcome being without the GW and BK even in war but will never go in without the queen.

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    1)queen to 5
    2)king to 5
    3)queen to 50
    4)then work on king

    in higher level play, king is basically a pekka while queen is very valuable for strategic purposes.

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    In case of AQ and BK I used to do 5 by 5 levels to gain a bonus to both abilities but after level 30 I start to keep a 15 levels gap between two
    In case of AQ, BK and GW I prioritize my AQ followed by GW then last BK. My AQ is max now, GW going to level 38 and BK will be going to level 54 in tomorrow and will keep upgrading until max

    Thanks for DragonX101 for his great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petgoat View Post
    5 levels queen to unlock ability level then 5 levels king. That way both heroes will be ready at the same time
    This. High level queen is awesome, but the King is very strong as well. IMO, you'll get more benefit faster leveling them this way.

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