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Thread: TH8 looking for clan

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    TH8 looking for clan

    Im a Th8 looking for a clan.My hashtag is

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    Check out TheBloodBrigade 431-50

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    We have a couple of highly active, successful clans that complete in Masters and now focus on th11 & 12. We therefore re-started a level 14 clan for th10 and below. We're looking to replicate that energy in our God$ of War #PPRLVUL9 clan and need good recruits to show us their stuff and eventually join one of our two higher TH clans. You interested? We will war 3x/wk, complete in Gold II CWL and should max clan games < that's important to us. We're US based English speaking adults and have members mostly in North America with a few in Western Europe and elsewhere.

    Our two higher TH clans are Seven Kingdoms #YRVP2P92 and Clan of Clashes #2PYQLPGR. Take a look at all three and if you are interested, request to join God$ of War #PPRLVUL9.

    Hope to see you there, Thomas

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    We're a steadily growing clan and we'll be glad to have members like you!

    Join our clan and check us out. We're also a pretty chill clan.
    - Our clan tag: #29QGJQRQU
    - This link (make sure you have the app installed of course):
    - Search for us (The Chad Lads). we're the ones with the black and yellow "Y" shaped banner.
    Banners/Logos are for the weak...
    I also have a clan. Check it out!

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    Come check us out! We are a friendly war clan. For more info see thread here:

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