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Thread: A mistake that does not change the village

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    A mistake that does not change the village

    When I go into the game, it says "You have sent a request to delete this account. You can cancel the request within 7 days 21 hours ... Contact support. I can't press any button except " Contact support" I delete my second account because it is not needed, and because of this I can not get to your main account because other than to contact support, I can not press anything. To support in the mobile application, I turned, but it's useless they did nothing and only told me "restore your account" or redirected me to the answering machine, in General, they did nothing but translate me to the answering machine.

    Generally, I wanted to go on its the main account, but not can from-for what the dumb mistakes.
    Reinstall the game tried - did not help

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    i wonder why people request account termination → just dont play the village anymore.

    have you tryed to delete the game data to reset the app(deleting the whole app works as well)? than a new village should start and you would be able to login with your other villages.

    on ios you must logout from the gamecenter id on your device which is connected to the "deleted village". (maybe complete removing the gamecenter id fromthe device)

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    it's not your business why I decided to delete the account, I do not have Ios, I need other ways to solve this problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cashwizard View Post
    it's not your business why I decided to delete the account, I do not have Ios, I need other ways to solve this problem.
    No one asked why you’re deleting your account. Also, when you post a problem, there’s a feature to choose your device’s operating system. You didn’t tell us you were using Android. Edit: It says Android now, but didn’t say it earlier.

    I understand your frustration but you asked for help and don’t seem to be open to receive it. We’re players just like you and people here have done their best to help you. Unless someone comes forward with a brilliant option, the only thing you can do is contact Help and Support. You can find a way to reach them outside the game at the link in my signature.
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    Thank you that left the link to the form you need to fill, I have not found a link to off the website and mail did not help me, and the game actually sent me.

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