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    Quote Originally Posted by samratulangi View Post
    Heroes lvl is important, but it is not a hindrance to farm.
    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Sure it works with your carefully crafted clan lineup. It's about as far distant from the regular players and clans as my net worth and bill gates'. For the first time player, balanced, neither mindless maxing nor rushing is advised. OP mindlessly maxed defense and neglected heroes. Can you honestly say the op would not have an easier transition, as a single base player, if they had better heroes?
    I quoted my own post in this thread to make sure, better heroes is always better, but it is not an issue to farm even without heroes, my point is U will definitely maxing your heroes faster by going to th10 early then staying at th9 while collecting & raiding lower drill
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    And thats exactly what I wouldíve expected.

    Quote Originally Posted by VictorCruz View Post
    I was a Maxed th9 Accept for some walls. Im now a TH 10 with 2346 trophies level 113. I'm dropping trophies because all my opponents are way to tough. I'm lucky to get 1 star and it's a miracle to get 2. I haven't got star bonus in 2 weeks. All the balance updates I see Supercell roll out how about an balancing or overhaul of your matchmaking system.

    These past couple weeks I came very close to uninstalling COC. I don't want to I really love this game but its really no fun right now. Buying more in game items won't help the only thing to do is drop trophies to get weaker opponents. If that doesn't work I will be done with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samratulangi View Post
    we were doing war with at least 5 th10 with 5-5, 8-8, 6-9, 12-12, 14-14 heroes and all only having less then maxed th10 troops last war, you r welcome to visit and see
    Again, though, strategically rushed is different and your roster is carefully manicured. My comment before that it generally is bad for regular war to rush through th9 defenses (by rush through I mean max them all quickly) and move on to th10 with heroes in the teens is accurate.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. I'm still thinking starting the "new" legends at Legends2 at 5500 and having Legends3 be for 5000-5499 would be good (with season resets to 5000 and 5500 depending on your trophies at season end) but overall I LOVE the Legends change. Thanks SC.

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    But either way this is easily recoverable - OP just needs to do some collector farming and use low DE armies, as I advised in my post on page2. It's easy at TH10 to average 4K DE per raid. It is not at all easy to do that at TH9.

    That said, I still never understood why he claims he's only seeing maxed 10/11 bases in crystal as this makes no sense unless he's never used the "NEXT" button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rst View Post
    At a new th level and trying to upgrade why are you worried about losing attacks?

    Trophies and trophy range mean absolutely nothing.

    Just cook wave after wave of goblins and get as much loot as you can
    This is good advice, especially when you first hit a new TH level. You want to get elixir upgrades like camps, barracks, lab & spell factory done ASAP. Don't even worry about trophies or winning, just next for bases with full collectors. You'll probably want to do some elixir upgrades for farming as the first troop upgrades, too. Use any DE you get to keep both heroes upgrading, since you don't need them for collector raids. It only takes a few weeks, even less if you get the gold pass. By then you'll have much better heroes & a maxed army or two.

    I usually take 8-10 giants to tank splash damages, 40-50 archers & a few wb, since de drills are often behind a wall. It actually does take a bit of skill to get where you can reliably get all the collectors, but it's a really low cost, low stress army.
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    I farm loonion at th9 and make on average 3800 de profit per raid it is my umteenth account moving through th9 so I know the drill of purely de focused from the very start of the th9 and every th level after that. Just find a strategy and trophy range that works for you and grind. Thatís basically all this game is for the farming side of things grind grind grind, until your max then sc will drop an update to make sure you canít rest 😂. Mass miner is very good for th10 de farming as others have stated get them to lvl3 ASAP

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