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    Account got banned


    My account has been banned, permanently. I dont know why.
    I was just going go into my village, and it says im permanently banned for phising?

    I have been playing Clash for 5 years now, please help me. I havenít done anything wrong.

    The only reason why I could imagine getting banned, I was trying to recover my girlfriends account, because you didnít respond to her on the support. Her village is like 2 weeks of progress, and i have multiple villages much stronger than hers. I didnít try to steal her account, I tried to recover it for her, I have proof.

    This isnít anything bad, but I donít know what else I could have done? Please help, it was a misunderstanding.

    My girlfriend, has since retrived her account btw.

    How can you ban me for that (if thats why i got banned)?

    Best regards,
    Nikola VRDZ

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    Attempting to recover an account that is not yours (and your girlfriend's account is not yours) will definitely get you into hot water. However, this is a players' forum. There's no one here that can help you with your ban and discussing bans is not an appropriate topic for the players' forum. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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