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Thread: Fairly new unrushed TH10 looking for clan

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    Fairly new unrushed TH10 looking for clan

    What I'm looking for:
    Hello, I'm a 22 years old guy looking for an adult clan that is active in wars, CWL and always gets max points in Clan Games, without being forced to be in normal wars since I'm constantly upgrading both heroes, I'm going to participate in wars just not very often for a month or two unless I can war without heroes.
    I would like the clan to be level 10 but I dont mind if it's lower.

    About me:
    I'm currently a fairly new TH10, I have my focus on heroes and lab constantly upgrading, currently going to: 31(BK) and 34(AQ) but I also have all my builders busy constantly.My trophy range is anything from gold to high masters depending on what kind of farming I do, I currently farm DE with Loonion so naturally I will go up but if I need more elixir I will just Barch and naturally lose trophies, but I never really attack just to push.
    I love wars but I haven't been in wars for a very long time since I took a break when th11 came out, and I started playing again about 2 months ago, which means I'm pretty damn rusty using more advanced attacks but I would love to get better at it.
    I also always get max points on at least 2 of my accounts in CG.
    The last clan I was in(very serious war clan), I was loyal for 18 months before the leaders destroyed the clan(this made me lose motivation to play hence why I stopped playing) so you will have me loyal to your clan either until the clan breaks down or if I ever stop playing.

    I would also like to join with at least one of my mini accounts but preferably both(one account is unrushed th9 and the other is currently max th7 and I'm going to rush it on purpose to TH11 or 12, it's meant to be a donation account and eventually donate max troops and siege machines, it will also be a "fix that rush" base if you know what it is)

    If I sound interesting feel free to send me a PM with some info about your clan and what you expect from me, and I will send you my profile tags so you can take a look at my bases, and we'll go from there.
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    the 7 and 9 are welcome as well at B.C. Buds however they wont be put in war or CWL. All our details as follows...

    B.C. Buds @#8VLYJLJC is recruiting

    B.C. Buds at #8VLYJLJC a fun adult clan
    What we offer:
    -Bunch of adults having fun playing a GAME
    -1 war/week on thursday with searches at 7:30 ish pm pacific
    -We ask EVERY time if you want in so please don't expect to be in war just because you are flagged green
    -No drama, no kids
    -Nobody breathing down your neck for 3 stars every war
    -Level 14 so we have the two troop level boosty thing going on
    -Mostly farmers with a small dedicated crew for war
    -Mostly th11+
    -Several th12 so siege requests are not a problem
    -Quiet chat but VERY solid donations
    -We are non serious so no apps needed
    -Most of our freaks are from Canada but we have international players as well
    -Though our name may indicate stoners, the “buds” is for friendliness
    -Easily reach end tier in clan games
    -We now have a sister clan: House of cali's @ #V9J9JQRV
    -currently sitting in crystal 1 in cwl
    What we are looking for:
    -Non hardcore adults looking to share troops and have fun
    -Any townhall level and trophy league welcome but(th9+ if you want to war)(th10+ for CWL)
    -Though we are casual farmers, we do take war a little serious so NO rushers or engineers if you war
    -Two full war troop attacks every war
    -First war attack is down one(usually) and second is discussed in chat(mirror in CWL)
    -Sense of humour
    -Replays, replay, replays, we love replays
    -Activity…make requests and give donations and stay in a league
    -We are adults so we swear but please, do not abuse it.
    -PLEASE be respectful and pm partsguy if we interest you

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    Regular wars are optional in Chicken's Ice and we always max clan games. As long as you want to do CWL and won't be upgrading heroes during CWL then we would be happy to have you.

    Chicken's Fire and Chicken’s Ice - farming/war clans are now recruiting

    Looking for generous donating, family friendly, organized, farming /warring clans? If so, you're in luck, Chicken's Fire and Chicken's Ice are recruiting.

    We are currently recruiting active non rushed th9 and higher accounts. Must be willing to do CWL and use Discord.

    Chicken's Fire (#Y0JU9QCC) welcomes responsible players 14+ yrs with town hall 10 or higher accounts.

    Chicken’s Ice (#22QQ0QCGP) is our war clan for town hall 9 and higher.

    Parents that join can bring their children under 14, but are responsible for ensuring their children follow clan rules. The rules are minimal and are designed to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves while playing.

    Chicken's Fire: We war once a week (Friday) and in Clan War Leagues. You can opt out if you don't want to do regular wars but we do encourage members to participate. All members are required to do clan games and earn a minimum of 500 points to ensure we always get the highest tier rewards for everyone.

    Chicken's Ice: We war 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) and in Clan War Leagues. As with Fire everyone is required to earn a minimum of 500 points in clan games.

    We encourage everyone to donate.

    Players must be able to communicate in English.

    If you want more information you can contact us by email

    Clan: Chicken's Fire
    ClanTag: #Y0JU9QCC
    Clan level: 13
    Clan War League: Crystal I
    Wars: Once a week (Friday war search)
    Leader: Gudroll
    Location: International (we have members from USA, Canada, UK, Sweden and elsewhere)

    Clan: Chicken's Ice
    ClanTag: #22QQ0QCGP
    Clan level: 7
    Clan War League: Gold I
    Wars: 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday war search)
    Leader: North Star
    Location: International
    War clan and feeder clan for Chicken's Fire for lower town hall members. You can jump to Chicken's Fire to request maximum level cc troops and spells for wars. Fire members are free to war in Ice too.

    We are a member of the Chickens United clan family.

    If you liked what you read and are interested in joining us please send a request and type "Saw the Forum Post" or similar in the invite request box.

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    This may work for both of us - since you're looking to war infrequently while upgrading. We have a couple of highly active, successful clans that complete in Masters and now focus on th11 & 12. We therefore re-started a level 14 clan for th10 and below. We're looking to replicate that energy in our God$ of War #PPRLVUL9 clan and need good recruits to show us their stuff and eventually join one of our two higher TH clans. You interested? We will war 3x/wk, complete in Gold II CWL and should max clan games < that's important to us. We're US based English speaking adults and have members mostly in North America with a few in Western Europe and elsewhere.

    Our two higher TH clans are Seven Kingdoms #YRVP2P92 and Clan of Clashes #2PYQLPGR. Take a look at all three and if you are interested, request to join God$ of War #PPRLVUL9.

    Hope to see you there, Thomas

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    Join us we can provide what you need

    Join unwanted visit

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    Clan: Heavy Metal. Level 18. Clan Tag:#9GLQL82V
    International clan

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    We have a 145-25 war log. If you're interested, check us out here:

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    Hey, if still looking, Cornwall's war#80QJVP9G will take your main. Don't have space for the minis, sorry. Even when space opens up we won't take them, just wanna make that clear, we like to keep the clan full of main accounts. There are some minis but they've been in the clan forever

    We're a level 18 UK based back to back adult war clan. Always max games, do cwl(main clan for th12s, th11 and below go to our 2nd clan for cwl) and war constantly

    Dunno what else to say, if any questions just respond to this(I don't check forums much) or join and ask there, no worries if we aren't a fit. If joining say you're from forums

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