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Thread: HouseUrrest is BACK ON THE AIR! Level 15 Clan Recruiting ACTIVE TH10s, TH11s & TH12s

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    Wink HouseUrrest is BACK ON THE AIR! Level 15 Clan Recruiting ACTIVE TH10s, TH11s & TH12s

    [Recruiting] HouseUrrest | TH8+ | Clan Level 15 | War / SCCWL | 444 War Wins | Crystal League 1 | Tag #9CPJP8

    HouseUrrest is BACK ON THE AIR!

    Clan HouseUrrest has merged with Clan Wolf Nation and is back in business, seeking active members who like to war. Recruiting TH8s-TH12s for constant war, SC CWL wars, and Clan Games.

    Feel free to add me (Leader - dhvMOON - #8QORYYGV) or our Co-leader (Alpha Raven Wolf - #GG98COJOP) on your CoC social tab and we'll send you an invite!

    Clan War League - Crystal I

    1. Both Leaders stream on Twitch: MisterMOONDog & Alpha_Raven_Wolf
    2. Very Active donations.
    3. All of the benefits of Clan Level 15.
    5. Back-to-Back War, SC CWL war & Clan Games participation
    6. Teaching Clan - Learn advanced 3 star strats
    7. Base builders are in the clan to assist with building war bases

    All we ask is that you be active!

    Leader - dhvMOON
    Co-Leader - Alpha Raven Wolf
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    Max Th10 LF Adult-USA Daily war clan

    If you got what I want I got what you need. #PYYRGJG2

    Who I am:

    -Few archer towers and BK levels short of 100% max Th10
    -Daily active
    -War junkie
    -32 years old
    -Midwest USA
    -Crystal 1 (Low trophy count due to a recent drop for farming purposes, I can climb high very quickly if need be.)

    Who I'm looking for:
    -Level 8+ Clan (Not really interested in sister clans but its not completely off the table)
    -Th9 minimum (no Th8's or lower other then alt accounts)
    -USA Adult English speaking only
    -24/7 war (Open spot for me during CWL is a must)
    -Clearly defined and enforced rules (i.e. No rushed bases, donations, CG points,mandatory war attacks)
    -Strong donations

    I consider myself a pretty skilled player and at the very least I like to play along side people who take the game seriously and play to the best of their ability. I've been bouncing from clan to clan and seeing nothing but low standards and even lower results with leaders who do not lead. Done with zero structure and low expectations, I want a new long-term home for years to come, I'm really hoping these forums help me in finding a group of players similar to myself!

    If you got what I want I got what you need. #PYYRGJG2

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    (Friend Request sent Marcd455)

    Still looking... and now we have a sister clan! Our sister clan, Clan Wolf Nation (Lvl 3 #29P8G9099), is in business & needs members too. Recruiting TH10s, and under any lvl, any age, is welcome, for constant wars and SCCWL wars!

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    Bump thread ~ BONUS: Clan Games are coming and we need you!

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    Bump thread - NEED th12s for Masters League 3 CWL!!!

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