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Thread: A Random Clan You Want To Join | Hellfire Helix #PLGY2L9P

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    A Random Clan You Want To Join | Hellfire Helix #PLGY2L9P

    Looking For A Random Clan? Of Course You Are. Welcome To Hellfire Helix Where It Smells Like Rainbow Sherbet

    Clan Tag: #PLGY2L9P

    Who♥are♥we♥looking♥for?Farmers,Socializers,Warers, Pushers, Currently accepting all TH9,s and above. No rushed Bases

    Most importantly:
    Dont be a jerk and dont ask for 'elder/co/promotion'.
    We try and maintain a drama free environment where everyone is respected and appreciated. War is taken seriously but don't put anyone down for not doing well.

    We are a level 15 international English speaking clan.We have a few rules. If you opt into war, you are expected to communicate and use both attacks. Everyone donates, Take part in CG/CWL, & have fun it's a game.

    Want to you join?
    If the above applies to you,♥request to join in game(Clan Tag: #PLGY2L9P) and mention 'Forum' ,we'll be happy to meet you.

    Happy Clashing

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