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Thread: Clan War Game Mode: Castle War.

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    Clan War Game Mode: Castle War.

    This is a concept that would be a new way to enjoy wars. Unlike Regular Wars, the Castle War will have many different features: 3 day preparation, Base vs. Base, and much more.


    This kind of war will allow you to prepare for three days. The reason the prep day has been extended is due to a new base building mechanic for the Castle War. This will work according to your Town Hall level. This mechanic requires you to either complete tasks, similarly to clan games or season rewards, or you can use your earned loot to buy things directly if you are a TH 12 (Something max players can use their loot on!) You can build your base like your own base, and you can upgrade things too! (There will be no wait time.)

    Upgrading and Buying Defenses

    In order to be fully prepared for the Castle War, you can upgrade and buy defenses. To upgrade your defenses, you will have to earn gold and elixir for the Castle War. To counter rushing, there will be a 90% discount for every level all your defenses have reached. (If you have 6 level 10 archer towers and 1 level 8, you only get the discount for level 8 and below. Otherwise you have to pay full price.)


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    I don't know i think they have already said they don't want another war mode. If they did allow it I'd say yes

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