ModerN AmbusH is new clan with war farming and cwl focus.As of this post we have 12 players with 2 TH12s and 1 TH11. We are generous with donations even tho we cant all give max troops we make sure the CCs are filled. I Personally (gamerid josh[jh]) am one of the th12s and have a history of leading 40 plus ppl wars and cwls for rank 15 clan over past almost 2 years I am very willing to give advice to new and lower players if asked. We are currently taking in anyone who is interested as long as your active. Our rules include, use both war attacks, 500 minimum donations each season, be respectful and mature, english speaking clan. I know we dont have alot of appeal besides me and my leaders are determined to get this clan off the ground and into first 15 vs 15 cwl. You can add me on Clash by adding #YCJYV2YGP , OR ON DISCORD josh[jh] #1066 (all lower case, discord usernames are case sensitive). Our clan is open to anyone just stop and say hi. Hope see you soon 😁💖👌