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    My edited base is not saved.

    I edited my home base a few days ago but when my clan mates attack me they still get the old base. I've checked in the editor layout and all 6 bases are identical!
    When my clan mates scout my base they see the updated version but when they attack me they see the old non edited version.

    What's going on guys?

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    Are you talking about friendly challenges? If so, you must manually change your base when you post a FC. When you hit the FC button, a small screen pops up where you can pick the base you want to post. It doesn’t automatically defer to your home base layout. Hope this helps.
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    You have three types of base layouts at your disposal: your main village raid base, your war base, and your friendly challenge base. Next time you issue a friendly challenge, click on the big icon that looks like a visual representation of your base that has the words "Chosen Layout" written on it, and select a different layout. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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