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Thread: StormCloaks Recruiting TH10+! Please read below.

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    StormCloaks Recruiting TH10+! Please read below.

    Hi Guys.

    Stormcloaks is a level 10 active, international clan. Our clan consists of mainly UK and US individuals with the odd few from elsewhere.

    English talking is essential.

    We are a highly active, friendly clan who b2b war.

    We consist of around 12 TH12ís, with the rest th11ís and 10ís with a few peopleís mini accounts.

    We recently began rebuilding the clan so our war log has wars from 650+ days ago. We have a solid team and are looking to expand it. Our th12ís are all retired champions league players who want to be in a more relaxed clan. So please feel welcome to message, or if you fancy it mention the forums when you apply in game.

    Hope to see you guys soon😁👍

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