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Thread: TH7|Looking For Lvl 8+ Active Clan

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    TH7|Looking For Lvl 8+ Active Clan

    I am a TH7 non-rushed player.

    I am looking for a Lvl 8+ Active Clan which fulfills the following requirements.
    1) Maxes Clan Games
    2) Plays Both Normal Clan Wars and Clan War League
    3) Donates what is wanted and does not wrong donate.
    4) Little swearing is ok. If clan members swear a lot, please mention it when replying.

    Here is my Base Layout.

    To contact me personally, DM me on discord @FBI Agent Merlot#1633

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    Miami's R us
    We do Max out CWG we move to our big brother clan for that then move back.
    Back to Back war.
    No pressure to 3 star in war.
    Adult clan.
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    Come check us out! We are a level 5 very active war clan. For more info check out our thread:

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    Check out BloodBattalion, feeder to TheBloodBrigade, war record 431-50

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