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Thread: simpatico - Where peace will never be found!

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    simpatico - Where peace will never be found!

    simpatico (#UG2PGRJG):
    Level: 12

    War Record: 146/29/0
    War Frequency: Always
    Location: Predominantly US

    Hello! Are you an avid war seeker who can't seem to find a clan that holds their own? If so, you've come to the right place! Simpatico is administrated by a group of clashers who have been playing together for over 5+ years. Our war strategy has led to an incredible 35 war-win streak!

    We are seeking:

    • non-rushed, active players
    • TH11 and below (12's depending on situation)
    • Must be willing to use both war attacks and try their absolute best!

    We offer:

    • Non-stop war
    • ​Competitive Game play
    • Advice from a former top player
    • A place to improve attack strategies and base building
    • Maximum points scored in every Clan Games
    • Very structured leadership with over 5+ years running
    • Every troop maxed! No more need to worry about donation ratios
    • A place where the chat log does not define activity. Many of us have jobs and can't be on chatting all day.

    If you're interested and would like to check us out, apply in game with "Parabellum" in your request.
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    Bump. Come check us out, Great War clan!

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    Bump. Simpatico is growing and warring, only six losses on our war log! Come by and check us out

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    Come check out Simpatico, you’ll love our war log!

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    Bump....simpatico - putting red lines into your war log since 2018

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    Bump. Simpatico, come check us out!

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    Bump. Simpatico - War baby war

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    Bump. Parabellum!

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    Daily Bump!

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